Ok, so my boyfriend really quite likes lolita and wants to get a dress, but due to the fact that he's 6ft(=1.83 м), very skinny and lacks breasts he's not really sure what would suit him.

So, are there any specific cuts/dresses you could think of that would look cool?

Мда, вот какие у парней проблемы))

@темы: :)

2009-01-11 в 03:23 

Готишный Иваныч
Я тож хааатюю... чего ему там ответили? :)

2009-01-11 в 11:59 

ниче интересного) советуют какое платье ему может подойти)

из комментов : "My husband wears lolita and has a similar shape, it sounds like, to your chap". И еще про этого мужа: "It's like having a full-size doll I can put in pretty dresses! Also, he loves going dress shopping with me. I won the husband lottery."

Ответ автора первой записи :"Omg, that's like my boyfriend. He's basically stolen half my wardrobe as it is and wears it in public shamelessly. Although, he buys me dresses and shiz, so I forgive him"

2009-01-11 в 16:17 

Готишный Иваныч
ппц )

хочу в эту страну дураков ))


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